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> Anyone who has spent even five minutes in India knows that ones caste
> is
> based on birth.  That this is even an issue shows how bogus it is to
> rely
> on books, ignoring the evidence in front ones own eyes.

Current conditions may not truly represent the truth. For instance, if
one looks at the current life style of brahmaNa-s (both in India and
elsewhere) and understand what brahmaNa dharma is about, it will be

I agree with Sadanandaji. One has to look at authoritative texts.

In vaidyanAtha dIxitIyam in the section varNashrama dharma prakaraNam
in the subsection brahmaNa dharma, there is a quote by one "devalaH".
He clearly states that different varNa-s are by birth and in addition
following the samskAra-s etc.


brahmaNyaaM brAhmaNaajjAtassamskR^ito brAhmaNobhavet.h |
evaM xatriya viT.hshUdrAj~neyAssvebhyassvayonijAH ||

"A brahmaNa is one who is born to brahmaNa female and brahmaNa male,
and who has gone through saMskAra-s such as jAtakarma. Likewise it is
for xatriya-s, vaishya-s and shUdra-s"
(above is my translation based on the tamil translation)

I do not know who this devala is. But MW dictionary lists him as a
descendant of kAshyapa and a seer in rig veda.

I am merely quoting what I just saw. I have *no* knowledge on these


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