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Fri Oct 12 17:30:17 CDT 2001

ken knight wrote:
> Namaste Sada,
> I would be interested in your....and anybody
> else's.... further comments on the St John's text with
> reference to how you would interpret the last
> statements
> >
> > >The text is St. John Chapter 9, Verses 1-5.
> > >'And as Jesus passed by, he saw a man which was
> > blind
> > >from his birth.  And the disciples asked him,
> > saying,
> > >Master, who did sin, this man or his parents, that
> > he
> > >was born blind?  Jesus answered, Neither has this
> > man
> > >sinned, nor his parents; but that the works of God
> > >should be made manifest in him. I must work the
> > works
> > >of him that sent me, while it is day; the night
> > >cometh, when no man can work.  As long as I am in
> > this
> > >world, I am the light of this world.'
> > >Now view this in the light of the teachings of
> > >advaita. Is it not a beautiful teaching of Jesus?
> >
> > Yes, provided it is correctly interpreted.
> > Misinterpretations of
> > Jesus statements are  so-prevalent that one has to
> > be very careful to
> > see the universality of these statements.
> I see these 'I am ' statements as clear 'ahum'
> statements...extend to 'Ahum Brahmaasmi' if we wish.
> In this interpretation we are the ever shining light
> of the single consciousness that is everywhere but
> also in a single dimensionless point. Being such,
> action takes place in itself but without any
> separation.  The actor, the action and the acted upon
> are now all one part of the single vibration in the
> single substratum of consciousness and with no
> limitation imposed through avidya or adhyaasa. As the
> Gita says, there are 'fruits' of an action but it is
> the attachment to the fruits of the action that
> distorts...poisons...those fruits and binds the person
> into the karmic cycle of cause and effect.  We no
> longer have to 'weigh up'....a sure sign of
> imbalance...the constituent parts of a problem for the
> right knowledge..dharma in the moment...flows
> unhindered by the avidya 'I am the doer'.  In this way
> the pure light of consciousness flares up to glorify
> its Self in the darkness of Itself.
> This then is an interpretation of the teaching upon
> the nature of 'work' and 'karma' that seems inherent
> in Jesus' words.
> If anyone would like to tidy up my effort above your
> contribution would be welcome,
> Om sri ram
> ken knight

I have one minor question in your view of this.
Why do you feel that placing no judgment presents imbalance?
>From what little I have learned and read of advaita we are
seen as perfect in such fashion that the whole accepts both
light and dark. I can't grasp the use of judgment to say
is imbalance in this. Perhaps you may explain this to one
to learn. To learn one asks questions or reads what others
You ask for help, perhaps we both may help each other.


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