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Vaidya Sundaram vaidya_narayanan at YAHOO.COM
Fri Oct 12 06:45:45 CDT 2001

--- Aniruddhan <ani at EE.WASHINGTON.EDU> wrote:
> What I mean is, we know that the vedas
> contradict common knowledge in some places. That means that they are
> unreliable sources of knowledge (at least unless they are interpreted
> properly) as far as scientific/common knowledge is concerned. So how
> can
> we "confirm" scientific knowledge using the vedas?

  You are right. We cannot confirm the scientific understanding like
this. What I understood of the original idea was to see where they
"match" ***without*** any interpretion of the vedas, or
"reinterpretation of science" ; my motivation was to see how, in the
case of the variations, there are different kinds of interpretations of
the vedas, and what these different kinds of interpretations are ...
thats all.

bhava shankara desikame sharaNam

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