Nature of Reality

Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at YAHOO.COM
Fri Oct 5 18:31:47 CDT 2001

>But I would agree with Jaldhar,Aniruddhan and Vaidya
>that reconciling Science and the Veda will not help us
>attain that which is to be attained. It may help a few
>people, depending on their background, to put their
>thoughts in the right perspective.
>      It would be an interesting exercise to explore
>the link between the Veda and science, though, as a
>purely academic exercise.


What I am saying is we should extend science to also
include the mental plane. For example take the field of

Does disease exist only at the physical level ? According
to the point of view that I am trying to advocate (I would
like to emphasize that this is a well known point of view,
well known atleast to a several individuals, I am merely
advocating what I have learned from different schools of
thoughts), a bodily disease is a manifestation of a disease
in the mental plane. Hence it should be treated atleast on
both the planes. Main stream medicine seems to believe that
the cause of a disease lies in the physical plane and hence
focusses on physical plane for the cure. On the other hand
a vedic appraoch would be to eliminate the disease in the
mental plane. One may use drugs from the physical plane for
this purpose, but the goal is to produce effects in the mental
plane. When the disease is cured in the mental plane, it
disappears from the physical body too.

Similar arguments can be presented from other areas of life.

This exercise is not academic, but very much practically


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