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Yes, the temple is still there in Sringeri. It is the Vidya Shankar temple
which is between the Sharadambal temple and the Tunga river. This is a
beautiful temple with exquisite architecture. This temple was built by the
Vijayanagar Kings who were the disciples of Swami Vidyaranya and Swami
Bharati Theertha. This temple is the Samadhi of their guru, Swami Vidya
Shakara Theertha. Swami Vidyaranya and Swami Bharathi Theertha were
brothers in their purva asrama. Both of them were great scholars and have
written a lot of commentaries/books. (In fact most of the books attributed
to Swami Vidyaranya are supposed to be written by both of them jointly).
Sami Vidyaranya followed Swami Bharathi Theertha who had suceeded Swami
Vidyatheertha in the Guru Parampara of Sringeri.

In fact, if you ask the guide at Sringeri to take you and explain about the
temple, he will definitely mention about the 12 pillars apart from other
architectural marvels of the temple.

There is a detailed book on the architectural details of the temple which I
have at home. I do not remember the author's name. I can give the details



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> My question to the list members is whether this is still available today
and does anyone know about it? I have been to Sringeri a few times but
never knew of this.

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