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Vaidya Sundaram vaidya_narayanan at YAHOO.COM
Thu Nov 22 02:53:32 CST 2001

 I got this question from a friend and hope list members will be able to address it. Thanks.
bhava shankara desikame sharaNam

 I want to start learning vedanta and while I read some articles and books here and there, I don't find anything systematic about my reading. Recently, your advaita-l discussion on karma makes me think that nitya karma's are the first step of the system. What's next? I mean, I spend barely 30 mins a day on nitya karmas and spending any more time right now, even when I have it, for meditation or prayer is not happening for me. I want to read somethings which I can put in practice. However, with so much out there that one can read, I wonder how to pick and choose. THere is the Bhagavad Gita, the bhasyas for it, many commentaries on it, and many many other books on different topics of vedanta. Where does one start, and how does one proceed? Are there any formal schools that offer courses (either classroom or postal) on vedanta? Are there such schools in Madras or Bangalore?
Let me know when you find time.

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