The law of karma (Re: sandhya etc.)

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>Of course there are many prAyaschittams and so on.
>That is no excuse for not even learning what one's
>duties are. Sure we can jump from the top of a big
>building and have an ambulance waiting down to save
>our lives. Would anyone do that? The law of karma is
>as inexorable as the law of gravitation. That's the
>point I (and Anand I think) was trying to make.

Gravity will not distinguish between a 6 year old and 26 year old. It
is a blind force and jaDa. Whether a 6 year old jumps from a tall
building or 26 year old, it work the same. But karma phala is not given
by such a blind force which is jaDa. Please see the commentary on
karma-phala-pradaa of trishatii. Such an erroneous view is held by
puurva miimaamsaka-s.

Hence, such a comparison is not correct. The fruits of karma is given
by God, who is an intelligent agent. The context, situation, and
intention of an action would matter in regard to God. SHE knows the
difference between accidentally stepping on a bug and intentially
killing it.  Or the difference between a six year old not observing
rules related to food and 26 year old doing the same. After all these
things matter even to the mortal jury we have in our courts.

There were some other discussion on this name on the list as well.


God besides being the judge is also the guru and helper. SHE acts with
utmost compassion than anyone or anything.  A honest dialogue with God
will show the errors and give the solution.

ambaaL daasan


sharaNAgata raxakI nivEyani sadA ninnu nammiti mInAxI

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