Samdhya Meditation and Agnihotra

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Mon Nov 5 18:09:30 CST 2001

--- Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian <balasr at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
> When the child is young, the parents do many rituals
> to compensate for the mistakes the child may have done
> (eg, killing an insect) unknowingly. Just because it
> is a child, does not excuse it from the law of karma.
> So "I didn't know it, so it won't affect me" kind of
> arguments (put forth by many in this list) is not a
> valid excuse and against the basic tenets of our
> dharma.

It is better to support these with quotes from shruti or smRti.
According vaidyanAtha dixitIyam -VD, two sources think contrary to what
you have stated above. It comes under the section anupanita dharma and
talks about children less than 8 years or younger.

Also the book I quoted is Hindu Dharma (re mAdhyAhnikam) which is
compiled from talks of kAnchi paramAcharya. He is an authority on
dharma shAstra.

Also to Anand's note. There is a section in VD called prAyashchitta
prakaraNam. That deals a lot with those issues. Many smRtikara-s think
that commiting a sin with knowledge that it is wrong has NO
prAyashchittam.  But few like manu (quoting shruti) differs from them.
These are very very complicated matters. Better to state the source and
views on these sources separately.

On a personal front, I have no excuse for not even making an attempt to
mAdhyAhnikam. Thanks to Rama's mail, I will renew my efforts to do

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