saivam and shankara's date

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To continue , looking at sankara's date in the context
of saivism and its development I have the foll
pertinent questions :

jaldhar vyas wrote>>
In the digvijayas a story is mentioned about how
Abhinavagupta the famous Kashmiri Shaiva put a curse
on Shankaracharya. Padmapadacharya turned the
curse back onto him and he died.

1.Reg KAshmiri saivism and why no mention of it :
>> Abhinavagupta's time is appr 950 the curse
story is again questionable.
Not just thatAlso the madhaviya Sankaravijayam
narrates a debate between Bhattabhaskara (11th Cent.
A.D some say 15th ) and Sankara !
How do we account for this ?

2.The previous question about the method of worship in
the temples still persists.

3.By dualist pastoralism I meant pashupata  to
distinguish pasupatas that from lakulisha and its
followers as they slightly differ in their
interpretations. Lakulishas believe in the
individuality of the soul after final union.the term
monist is just used to distinguish from the earlier
school.[sorry for the confusing misnomer!]
Sankara criticizes only a school which believes that
Shiva relies on the category effect for his creative
activity.This is not so in Lakulisha.
So Why no reference by Sankara to his school.I think
even there he refers to maheshvaras only.

4.Establishmet of Monastic orders :

It is said that sankara (or rather his followers )
were the first to establish monastic orders first.
But Saiva siddhanta tradition says kadamba guhaavaasi
being succeeded by shankamatAdhipati and by
terambipala,rudrashambu ,amardaka etc.
Appr 775 AD from Amardaka there were already 3
established monastic orders like Amardaka

So How do we account for all these?



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