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 A lot of other members have responded, but I just wanted to add a few thoughts ...
If one goes to kashi, one will notice that they do not say the same kind of samkalpa as the rest of the world - it is because Kashi is considered as separated from this "earth" by the distance of the tip of a grain of rice, and that the time in Kashi is 12 years ahead of the rest of the world. They change the samkalpa to acocunt for this. But one will also notice that they will also say the part we usually say any where else in India - the reason, I was told, is one would like to think of oneself being in all places considered holy when doing puja. For example, when we say do avahanam of the punya theertas in the water, we mentally bring Ganga etc into the water. So also when we say "bharatha varshe" etc, since that is considered as very good for karma phala, we may be else where, we will still say it ... so in the US, according to the local priest in Dallas, the coordinates are "krauncha dvipe, ramaNaka varshe, gOthIrtha kande" ... we will also repeat bharata varshe bharata kande etc ...

bhava shankara desikame sharaNam

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