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> I just completed Laghu Vasudeva Manana (translated into English
> by Swami Tejomayananda of Divine Life Society).

I don't believe we've discussed this work on the list before.  Why don't
you write about it?

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                      ||  Om Sri lalitAmbikAyai namaH  ||
                 || Salutations to Divine Mother Sri Lalita ||

yo vA etadaxaram gargayaviditvA asmAllokAtpraiti sa kR^paNaH
Oh Gargi! Pitiful is he who departs from this world without knowing the
imperishable Atman.

- bR^hadAraNyakOpanishad - 3.8.10

I reproduce here the following advice by His Holiness Sri Chandrasekhara
Bharati of Sri Sringeri Sankara Mutt:

Every moment of our life is very, very precious.  Time passes very quickly.  Do
not waste even a single second of your life.  Make the best use of the
opportunities available to you now, for there is no guarantee that you may have
the same opportunities and facilities in the births to come.  Do not delay till
tomorrow what can be done today.  Moksha can be attained by all.  Never for a
moment think yourself as incompetent or incapable of attaining moksha.

What happens if we ignore this advice?

na chEdihAvedi mahati vinashTiH
Great indeed is the loss if one does not realize Atman in this birth (itself).

We are the makers of our destiny, we can do it or undo it.


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