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On Fri, 21 Dec 2001, Hemant wrote:

> While what you say about the Ishwara is true, it has to be recognised
> that Ishwara in SAnkar adwaita is, in the final analysis a product of
> Maya although the first product. Thus immanence etc. of the Divine is,
> from the point of view of the ultimate reality an Illusion. The
> Taittiriya Upanisad makes it plain. The knower of the Brahman it
> declares, does not care much about sin or even virtue.

Not caring about the effect of karma is not the same as not being affected
by it.  Regardless of how much of a jnani he thinks he is, a person who
acts in an egotistical way will suffer the consequences of it.  This is
why Advaita Vedanta says sannyasa is a necessary step for any serious
sadhana.  Otherwise it is like the person who says "i will not get wet"
while standing in a river!

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