New member introduction: Amit Narke

Jaldhar H. Vyas jaldhar at BRAINCELLS.COM
Mon Dec 24 22:55:34 CST 2001


I thank you for your kind reply and also for the opportunity to crystalyse my
objectives regarding advaita vedanta.

I introduce myself as under:

Name: Amit Narke
Age : 27
Residence : mumbai
Qualification : B.E ( Electronics ) V.J.T.I Mumbai.

I have been interested in vedic applications since my college days,  I have
read several books on swami vivekananda, Ramkrishna Paramhansa and right now
am reading "Methods of Knowledge " by satprakashananda.

I have also read other texts on buddhism and attended some lectures on ther
spiritual practices. Amongst all i have found Advaita philosophy of "
non-dualism", monism most touching and most close to my instinct.

I yet have a long long way to go on path to "feeling" the underlying unity of
this universe, which is my final objective....

I practice " om " meditation everyday and want to go gradually deeper.

Hence i feel that by reading articles posted in the list and interacting
with like minded scholars and swamis i can speed up my objectives and also
learn a lot.. I would love to know the significance and whats behind the
numerous hindu every-day practices about which very few have any idea, but
follow blindly.

to put in short, i need direction from Advaita.

I look forward,

Amit Narke

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