New member introduction: Suresh

Jaldhar H. Vyas jaldhar at BRAINCELLS.COM
Mon Dec 24 09:42:14 CST 2001

om shrii dakshiNaamuurtaye namaH |

My introduction is as follows:

My name is Suresh. I am presently studying in USA. I
feel that I have reached a stage when I have to look
into the religious philosophies of Hinduism. I feel
that I need to understand the basic reality of the
life-death cycle and the essence of life.

I am extremely interested in understanding the
teachings of Sri Shankaracharya.

I am very eager to understand the tenets of Advaita. I
am very eager to learn from all of you in this maling

I would also make my best effort to get information to
the mailing list from whatever little that I learn
about advaita from other places too.

Thanking you,

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