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> Subject: Mind and the Intellect
>       Scriptures say that one can realise his real nature only when his
> mind is totally destroyed. Jnanis say that the experience they got in
> Nirvikalpa Samadhi was so great and cannot be expressed in words etc.,. If
> so when the mind is totally destroyed how do they know about the
> experience they got in Samadhi as there is no possibility to recollect?
> How does the Mind comes into contact when he comes out of Samadhi? In that
> case what is the state of the Intellect? Will the Intellect function when
> he is in the state of Samadhi?
>         I am forwarding this question with my limited knowledge I got when
> I went through some scriptures.
>         Please explain the nature of MIND and INTELLECT.
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In nirvikalpa samAdhi the mind is not destroyed but quiescent
(niruddha). This is characterized by Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi
as manolaya. The experiencer is still there though inactive. But
it cannot understand the reality in terms of the limited vocabulary
which it has acquired due to its experience all the time of only a
part reality through its senses.

manonASa is the state in which the mind is destroyed.
There is no experiencer. This results in what jnAnis
say is sahajasthiti. There is no going into samAdhi
and coming back. One is in reality all the time.



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