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Thuria means fourth.  Normally we have three status. 1. Jakradha = conscious and active.  2. Swapna = dreaming in sleep.  3. Sushupti = deep sleep without dreams. This is normal human life.  After Gnana Vichara you go to a stage where you are conscious but like in deep sleep unconscious of your environment.  This is the fourth stage.  In tamizh they may say “thoongamal thoongi” (sleeping without sleep).  Great Tamil scholar Marai Malai Adigal termed it “vizhi nithrai”
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Hello ShrI Jaladhar and others,

Isn't nirvikalpa samadhi the same as turiya i.e. samadhi
can only be attained in the turiya state.  If that is the
case then nirvikalpa samAdhi = turIya = jnAna, No?  What
is the difference?


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