Mind and the Intellect

SANKAR NARAYANAN sankaranjr at rediffmail.com
Thu Dec 20 08:50:23 CST 2001

      Scriptures say that one can realise his real nature only when his
mind is totally destroyed. Jnanis say that the experience they got in
Nirvikalpa Samadhi was so great and cannot be expressed in words etc.,. If
so when the mind is totally destroyed how do they know about the
experience they got in Samadhi as there is no possibility to recollect?
How does the Mind comes into contact when he comes out of Samadhi? In that
case what is the state of the Intellect? Will the Intellect function when
he is in the state of Samadhi?

        I am forwarding this question with my limited knowledge I got when
I went through some scriptures.

        Please explain the nature of MIND and INTELLECT.


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