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Re: Welcome and Request for more info.

Thank you for your welcome.  My name is John Bickham.
I live in Denver Colorado.  A few years ago I read "Be
As You Are" the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi and
it sung true to me.  I have a few other books with
Ramana's teachings as well as Poonjaji.  I find the
Upanishads very inspirational.

I am involved with Contemplative Outreach as auxilary
staff recording (audio/video) Fr. Thomas Keating when
he visits Denver for retreats and seminars.  I find
Fr. Keatings teaching of the True Self (Contemplative
Christianity) similar to Advaita/Vedanta.  However, I
feel no need to discuss Fr. Keating's philosophy with
the list.

I am interested in learning more concerning advaita -

Peace and Joy!  John

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