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Malolan Cadambi malolan at IASTATE.EDU
Sun Dec 2 00:53:58 CST 2001

>If he is already a nitya mukta - there is no need for vedantic teaching and
>seeking for liberation.

Sriman Sadananda Swamin, As you say, yes it is futile to worry about the
muktha-s when we ourselves have a long way to go.

But to be presice on muktas, here is what I heard when I put the same
question to the feet of a scholar.

Just as Bhagavaan takes avatArs to lift people from misery, it is as per
his wish that the nitya sooris take "physical birth" in this world to lift
his devotees from misery. However, the nitya sooris do not incarnate from
vaikunta as we know. It is from Vishnu Lokam which is different from
Vaikunta Per se. This is furthered explained drawing pramAnams in the
work "Virodha Pariharam" of Shree Vedanta Desika

Another interpretation given by some scholars is that only muktas who enter
Vaikuntam through the archirAdi margam are eternally liberated. Mere
Attaiment of Parama-pAdam or vaikuntam is not moksha, but only entering
vaikuntam after due snAnam in the viraja nadi and entering vaikuntam
through the seven gates and later the all important archirAdi margam is
complete moksham. This is again dealt with in the Parama-pAda sopAnam of
Shree Vedanta Desika

Therefore when the lord takes an avatara he is always there in Vaikunta and
takes an avatara on the bhoomi at the same time. In the same way, the nitya
sooris are eternally present in vaikuntam and take avataras as per the will
of the lord.

Sorry for extending the thread. I do realise that some of the avatara
concepts are rejected by Sri Adi Shankara in his critique of the
PancharAtra. The issues of various avataras and the five principle forms of
the lord and his nitya-mukthas are discussed more specifically in the

Therefore, to me atleast, it appears un-necessary to progress ahead in this

As you say, it is best that we concentrate on our own sadhana instead of
worry about the mukthas.

Best Regards,

Adiyen Ramanuja Daasan,

Malolan Cadambi

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