Worship of Lord Ganesha

Aniruddhan ani at EE.WASHINGTON.EDU
Thu Aug 23 00:18:55 CDT 2001


>> > Eka dantAya vidmahe
>> > vakratundAya dhImahi
>> > tanno danta prachodayat
>> >
>>tat purushhaaya vidmahe
>>vakratuNDAya dhImahi
>>tanno dantiH prachodayaat.h
>>at least that's the way the MahAnArAyaNa upanishad has it. Perhaps what
>>you have is from another source?

I just did a little (re)search on the net, and it seems like the source for
the first ganesha gayatri is the ganapati atharvashirshopanishad (GAU). It
looks like it's recited at the end of the GAU just like we recite the
narayana gayatri at the end of the narayana suktam (when recited separately
and not as part of the mahanarayana upanishad).

In addition to both of these, I found that there's another ganesha gayatri:


I'm not sure about the exact pronunciation of some of the words (I found
this on the web!). And its source is mentioned as the "Maibraayani Samhita"
in one website, maybe a mis-spelling. I wonder if other members have heard
of this.

On a different note, yesterday, my father mentioned to me that till a few
years ago, the GAU used to be chanted in completely anudaatta svaras (the
lower svara in the krishna yajur veda method of chanting) but recently, it
is being chanted with svaras very much like the KYV method of chanting. Do
any of the other members know more about this? I listened to one recording
of the GAU on the net, and it sounded very much like any other KYV chanting.

Sruti smRti purANAnAm Alayam karuNAlayam
namAmi bhagavatpAdaM Sam.karam lokaSam.karam


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