Reposting: Question on Incarnations

Chandrashekaran Venkataraman VCHANDRA at AMBERNETWORKS.COM
Mon Aug 20 19:11:37 CDT 2001

  I think you have mistaken one of my question's inner meaning..

>> Chandrasekaran wrote:
>> So, after all what was "really" great in Sri Krishna's embodiment ?

> Jaladhar wrote:
>Have YOU tried killing an asura lately? :-)

   I am NOT questioning the greatness of the Lord, which doesn't need
any reasoning like you have given here.
   I have double-quoted "really" as above.. by which I desired to know
what is in reality the greatness of the embodiment, given that as per
advaita the incarnation itself didn't happen at all. I know that we are
exchanging these questions and clarifications at a mundane level.. But
if we are to read Gita and understand it literally and then advaita tells
us that actually Krishna didn't incarnate, it's confusing.

Please point to me some verses in Gita where Krishna gives hints to
advaita thoughts that He is same as Arjuna.

>> Chandrasekaran wrote:
>> If He is same as the one Universal Soul that is all of us (as one), who
>> are those "sAdhUs" and "dhushkr~ths" in that verse "parithrANAya
sAdhUnAm" ?
>> So are there different levels of defining a True statement..

> Jaladhar wrote:
>The difference is we are afflicted by avidya and the burdens of our karma.
>Even the jivanmukta must ride out the last remnants of his prarabdha

  Here again I think I should have brought out my question more clearly.. I
wanted to know if "a" statement made in Gita has different levels of its
Truthfulness.. ie., in other words for an early aspirant it's all true but
for a realised soul it's not.. Are there such different levels of defining
some Truth?
  Otherwise why does Krishna assert in no unclear terms, that he incarnates
yuga after yuga to destroy "dhushkr~ths" and protect "sadhus"... What does
this mean in advaita?


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