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>Vedanta philosophy claims of rebirth. So after how much period takes for
>the rebirth after the death of the physical body.

This isn't just a Vedantic idea but all the astika sampradayas believe the
soul lingers for a while before going on to its next destination.  That's
why it essential to perform the shraddha after a person dies.  The exact
time and method of performance depends on the caste and region.

<Till that period where will the soul exist.
>Swami Paramahansa Yogananda describes his experience >with his master sri
>Yuktheswer giri after his death.He states that the >psychic influence
>communication doing miracles in his Autobiography.

The physical body is only the outermost kosha.  The others still exist
after death and the soul resides there.

>In Bhagvat Gita Sanjaya
>explains the live war of Kurukshetra to >Dhritarashatra is this because
>of.the knowledge of 'KRIYAYOGA'

In the Mahabharata it says Maharshi Vedavyasa gave Sanjaya the power of
yogic sight but it doesn't specify what kind of yoga as far as I know.
Perhaps someone has more information on the subject?

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