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>K. Sadananda <sada at ANVIL.NRL.NAVY.MIL> wrote:
>>Fundamentally "thing out there" cannot be established independent of
>>the mind and this I call as "Indeteminate Problem" can be covered by
>>extending the definition of "anirvachaniiyam".
>I have been following the discussion with some interest, as it hones
>in on one of the key issues in Vedanta.
>According to classical Advaita, I believe the relationship between
>"thing out there" and "mind" needs to be revised and restated as
>follows. Fundamentally, the "thing out there" cannot be established
>independent of the perceiving consciousness, while the "mind" is the
>instrument by means of which the perceiving consciousness perceives.
>Both the mind and the external object are part of the indeterminate

Vidya - you are absolutely right.

However, there are some questions that arise in accounting the
creation. Some of which I will be taking up with reference to 5th
suutra - tad aikshata -- bahusyaam - vaachaarambhanam vikaaro
naamadheyam etc implying seer or thinker, as part of chaitanya vastu
or nimitta kaaraNa - involving mind as an instrument - absolute
undifferentiable  Brahman as kaarya-kaaraNa vilakshaNam at the same
time saguNa Iswara as nimmitta KaraNa   Indeterminate problem has
been discussed as determinate problem.  As long as this is understood
correctly there is no problem.  Extensive philosophical discussions
had taken place in terms of the 'reality' of the world based on the
attributes and objects and their interrelation.  My going over it is
to examine these from our current understanding of science of
perceptions and relativistic aspects of the universal principles -
space and time etc.  Many of the arguments against 'advaita' in
SatadhuushaNii' rest on theories of perceptions and analysis of
'errors' as understood at that time.  I get the feeling that the
problems need to be addressed in the light of our current
understanding from science.

Also there is a catch 22 situation as a part of this indeterminate
problem,  which Ramanuja also stresses in his puurvapaksha in some
form in relation to locus of avidya.

Thanks for your input.

Hari Om!

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