Help ban Cow Slaughter

Chandrashekaran Venkataraman VCHANDRA at AMBERNETWORKS.COM
Fri Aug 10 19:37:28 CDT 2001

Dear All,
   I am sure you have been lately hearing a rising cry against
the inhumane treatment of Cows in our country, India. The ruthless
ways in which the beasts are treated on their way to shedding their
hides and flesh is unthinkable. The onus and moral responsibility
is on all of us who are indirectly participating in these merciless
acts. Virtuosity and Noble thoughts are waning in this modern world..
In a mad rush towards material prosperity man spends no time to
reflect on the propriety of his means to the end. It's upto the
residual dhaarmic elements in this earth to take steps to sustain
nobility. This is nothing new... as dharma has always been under
peril yugaa after yugaa. But I think it's our duty to protect
dharma to the extent we can. Ishwara is verily acting through us
in a sense.

Here is a website that is trying to urge our government to ban
cow slaughter... This is a signature campaign.. Please take a few
minutes and visit this site and fill in your signature and help
them in this campaign.

   Please forward this request to your friends who may be inclined
to help in this noble cause..


   ahimsa paramo dharmah:

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