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I thought I had forwarded this to the list a while ago, but it was not in
the archives - my apologies if this is re-send, and if not, apologies for
the delay!
bhava shankara desikame sharaNam

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"Venkatesh Dattatraya Tammannavar" <shrivenkatesh at>
07/27/01 03:14 PM
Re: Welcome and Request for more info.
i am indeed delighted to join
my name is venkatesh dattatraya tammaNNavar and i am a mechanical
engineer.i am based in puNe.
i am a brahmin and i belong to the smArta rigvediya sect.
i beleive strongly in the preachings of sri shankaracharya.i have begun
studying the upaniSads and i have started with ISA upaniSad and shankara's
commentary on it(explanation by swami gambhIrAnanda of advaita Ashrama).
i am sure your site will be of great help to me.
thanks and namaskaras.
-venkatesh dattatraya tammannavar.

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