Identity between awareness and existence

nanda chandran vpcnk at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Aug 7 08:48:19 CDT 2001

>"and it is one without a second."
> >
> >Can this assertion be proved even without Sruti pramAna?
>Yes - I thought I did - Here it is again - If there is a second, that
>second has be different from the first to say it is second.

Why should it be so, Sada? There can be two exactly identical things and
there are still two different entities. I've two telephones in front of me
right now and both are the same make, model etc Absolutely no difference
between them. But still they are two things are they not? You can even take
a couple of eggs and cannot see any difference between them - but that
doesn't in anyway deny that they are two distinct entities, right?

>Hence if
>there is some thing other than existence, it has to be non-existence

Why can't there be two things of existence? I who write this mail and you
who read it both exist right? So why should one of us be non-existent for
another to be existent?

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