Identity between awareness and existence

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--- Sanjay Srivastava <sksrivastava68 at HOTMAIL.COM>
> Could anyone elaborate the logic behind the
> declaration that existence and
> awareness are one and the same thing? Supposing they
> are not the same, what
> will be the logical conclusions?
> When we say that Brahman is existence-awareness does
> it not mean that we
> are giving attributes to the attributeless?
By Awareness here is meant 'Thoughtless Awareness'
Here only 'Awareness', 'IS'.
 'Pure Conciousness', which is Awareness (WITHOUT
ATTRIBUTES) has in this state, 'Nothing' to be 'aware
of'.There are no objects other than Itself!So , of
what can It be aware of?.The word 'Awareness' is used
to generally qualify the 'Jiva' which is here Mumukshu
and is trying to remember It's Real Truth.When the
Jiva is thus in a state of 'Thoughtless Awareness' It
verily becomes 'Brahman',Its 'True Self!.

In Gaudapada's words,

"Amanastaam tadaa yaatai, graahyaabhaave tad agraham".

"Manaso hyamanee bhaave,dwaitam naivopalabhyate".
Brahman Alone,"IS".  Brahman is "EXISTENCE".
Brahman is AWARENESS!
Brahman is indeed attributeless!

Hari Om!


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