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>I read the translation by Svami Tapasyananda which was published by
>Advaita-Ashram. If I remember correctly, this translation does mention the
>Sutras of Patanjali explicitly. I have this book back in NJ but if any
>member has access to this book, they can probably look up the reference
>that Ravi has kindly provided.

If I remember right, those verses in the mAdhavIya say that those who were
following the sUtras of patanjali found Sankara's teaching better, and
therefore became his followers. It does not say that Sankara himself
composed a commentary on the sUtras of patanjali. If someone can post the
Skt original of these verses, it can be cleared up.

Note that in the brahmasUtra bhAshya 2. 4. 12, Sankara quotes yogasUtra 1.
6, with respect to five forms of manas (pancavRttir manovad vyapadiSyate),
with the explanation, "that which is not refuted in another system is
acceptable" (paramatam apratishiddham anumataM bhavati). And he does have
sufficient use for yoga sAdhanA as part of Advaita teaching. But that does
not necessarily imply that he wrote a text called yogasUtrabhAshyavivaraNa.
Textual issues should be distinguished from doctrinal issues.


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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