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Hello. I am a Graduate student studying Indian Religion. I have been
studying Sanskrit for about 1 year. Recently I have been researching the
Rg Veda, and the BrhadAranyaka, Kena, and Katha Upanisads. Currently I am
Studying the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali and reading the commentary by
Sankara. I am extremely interested to learn all that I can about Advaita
Vedanta because as far as my understanding goes, the Vedanta view, or
Sankara's view, of the relationship between Purusa and Prakrti, as well as
the relationship between Purusa as permanent detached "observer" and mind
as changeable "observed," seem to be speaking of my own prior intuitions
about the nature of the Universe. I have read quite a bit of the websites
recommended in your e-mail; this has increased my enthusiasm to join the
list. I have also read the rules of the list and they seem quite
reasonable and purposeful.

I hope this introduction is adequate, I look forward to joining your list,

                                        Graham McNamara

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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