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This offering is a true act of courage.
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>As I'm going through some personal problems right now, my Mother-in-law
>recommended I recite he following stotra.
>|| atha saNkaTanAshanaM gaNesha stotram ||
>The Trouble-destroying Ganesh Stotra
>nAraduvAca |
>Narada Said:
>praNamya shirasA devaM gaurIputraM vinAyakam |
>bhaktAvAsaM smarennityamAyuH kAmArtha siddhaye || 1 ||
>I bow my head down to the God Vinayaka son of Gauri,
>The refuge of the Bhaktas I remember always for long life and the
>fulfillment of desires.
>prathamaM vakratuNDaM cha ekadantaM dvitIyakam |
>trtIyaM krshNapiMgAkshaM gajavaktraM chaturthakam || 2 ||
>His first (name) is Vakratunda[1], and Ekadanta[2] the second,
>The third is Krishnapingaksha[3], and Gajavaktra[4] the fourth. (2)
>laMbodaraM paMchamaM cha shaShTaM vikaTameva cha |
>saptamaM vighnarAjaM cha dhumravarNaM tathA'ShTamam || 3 ||
>And Lambodara[5] the fifth and the sixth is Vikata[6],
>The seventh Vighnaraja[7] also Dhumravarna[8] is the eighth. (3)
>navamaM bhAlachandraM cha dashamaM tu vinAyakam |
>ekAdashaM gaNapatiM dvAdashaM tu gajAnanam || 4 ||
>The nineth is Bhalachandra[9] and the tenth Vinayaka[10] |
>The eleventh Ganapati[11], and the twelveth Gajanana[12]. (4)
>dvAdashaitAni nAmAni trisaMdhaM yaH paThennaraH |
>na cha vighnabhayaM tasya sarvasiddhikaraM param || 5 ||
>[13]That man who recites these twelve names at the three sandhyas[14],
>Does not fear obstacles and all his wishes are fulfilled. (5)
>vidyArthI labhate vidyAM dhanArthIm labhate dhanaM |
>putrArthI labhate putrAn mokShArthI labhate gatim || 6 ||
>He who desires  knowledge gets knowledge, he who desires wealth, gets
>He who desires sons gets sons, and he who seeks Moksha attains the goal.
>japedgaNapatistotraM ShaDbhirmAsaiH phalam labhet |
>saMvatsareNa siddhiM cha labhate nAtra saMshayaH || 7 ||
>If this Ganapati Stotra is recited for siz months, one should see results,
>In a year the goal will be achieved of this there is no doubt. (7)
>aShTAbhyo brahmaNebhyashcha likhitvA yaH samarpayet |
>tasya vidyA bhavetsarvA gaNeshasya prasAdataH || 8 ||
>If this knowledge is written down and given to eight Brahmans
>One will gain the full grace of Ganesh. (8)
>|| iti shrInAradapuraNe saNkaTanAshanaM gaNesha stotram saMpUrNam ||
>Thus ends the Trouble-Destroying Ganesh Stotra from the Narada Purana.
>[1] Whose trunk is crooked.
>[2] Who has one tusk.  The vahana of Ganesh Bhagawan is a rat.  Once,
>after Ganesh Chaturthi Ganesh Bhagawan (no lightweight under the best
>circumstances!) was especially loaded up with ladoos and the poor rat
>could take it no more and collapsed tossing Ganesh Bhagawan on the
>ground.  The moon who was watching all this laughed at Him.  So He grew
>angry and broke of a tusk and threw it at the Moon causing it to
>[3] Who has black and tawney eyes.
>[4] Who has an elephants face. see [12].
>[5] Whose stomach is big and round.
>[6] Who is formidable.  No foe can withstand Him.
>[7] The Lord of Obstacles.  Once Shiva Bhagawan had gone away to practice
>Yoga and so Gauri Ma retired to Her own place to do the same.  She
>fashioned a little boy out of the chandana on Her body and breathed life
>into him.  She told him to stand guard and let no one pass.  Eventually
>Shiva Bhagawan came back and sent Nandi and His other servants ahead to
>announce His arrival.  But they were unable to get past the boy.  Even the
>entire army of Ganas were unable to pass.  Finally Shiva Bhagawan Himself
>came and angrily cused the boys head to fall off.  Amba Ma was distraught
>and begged Shiva Bhagawan to restore the boy to life so He did (see
>[12]) and made him the Chief of the Ganas and Lord of obstacles.
>[8] Of the color of smoke.
>[9] Son of he who wears the moon as a crown i.e. Shankara Bhagawan.
>[10] Remover (of obstacles.)  See [7].
>[11] The Lord of the Ganas.  The Bhutas and Pishachas who are the army of
>Shiva Bhagawan are called Ganas.  He is their general just as His elder
>brother Skandha Bhagawan is general of the Devas.
>[12] Who has the head of an elephant.  After Shiva Bhagawan had cut off
>the young boys head, He sent His servant Nandi to walk North and bing back
>the head of the first creature he saw.  This turned out to be Indras'
>elephant Airavata.  The elephants head was then affixed to the body.
>[13] The next four verses are the phalashruti -- advertising if you will
>of the efficacy of the stotra.
>[14]  I.e. Morning, noon, and night.
>Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at>
>bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam
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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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