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>It is good to see that the discussion on the brahmasUtrabhAshya is
>momentum, while maintaining focus. If any list-member has access to
>Anandagiri's sub-commentary (nyAyanirNaya) on this bhAshya, it would be
>to gather a few notes from that text too. Anandagiri's commentaries on
>Sankara's texts are clear and concise, and they bring out the meaning
>beautifully. They are extremely useful to the student of these texts.

 Recently I purchased the original text of Shankara's bhAShya with
 three commentaries running side by side. The first is the one by
 GovindAnanda, the second, the famous bhAmatI of VAchaspati Mishra,
 and the last, nyAyanirNaya of Anandagiri. Needless to say, the sheer
 amount of material in these texts is overwhelming, especially when
 presented as fine print under Shankara's bhAShya! But I will make an
 attempt to clarify things as and when necessary using the nyAyanirNaya.
 I feel GovindAnanda is also quite readable. VAchaspati's bhAmati is
 perhaps the most difficult of the three. The editor has given foot
 notes (albeit in even finer print) to clarify some of VAchaspati's

 For those interested, the text costs only about $20.00 and can be
 had from:

 Actually, if you live near Pennsylvania, it might be better to
 drive to Arsha Vidya Gurukulam and browse through their
 excellent collection of original texts. I went there to buy a book
 or two but I could not complete my "browsing" even after several
 hours. I had made several selections at closing time and the
 gentleman who runs the store hurried me into making the final
 purchase. Actually, he was more worried that I was overspending
 rather than the fact that it was past closing time.


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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