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Mon Sep 11 13:02:22 CDT 2000

Ravi - Thanks for posting Shree Subhanu Saxena's text on Shankara's
adhyaasa Bhaashhyam - It is a real treat.  My thanks to both of you to
bring this to everybody's attention.  Obviously I could not resist going to
the website and studying the whole text.

It is fantastic.

After studying it couple of times, tears were rolling through my eyes, in
gratutude to Bhagavaan Shankara and to my own teacher Shree Swami
Paramarthaananda Saraswati who could eloborately discuss in a language I
could also understand the implication of adhyaasa in term of human problem.
I agree and endorese again again Ananda's comments that this particular
section should be studied and studied till it is absolutely clear in our

It is true there was so much discussion by post Shankara philosophers on
the validity of avidya paticularly the locus of it etc.  and also the
nature of PramaaNa.  Yes we are interested in the inquiry of Brahman and
not on avidya!

 As Saxenaji brought out clearly, even the issue of the PramaaNa, Shanakara
could anticipate and discuss  so eloquently.

We are so grateful that Bhagavaan Shankara has laid down a royal path for us.

My thanks again and again to Saxenaji and to you for being persistent and
for bring it out for everyones reach.

Hari Om!

K. Sadananda
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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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