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>I have a suggestion in that regard.  If you permit me I will
>start a series on a very simple text, a prakaraNa grantha ie.,
>TATWABODHA by Shri Shankara which can be viewed as a book
>of working definitions.  It is a very good "first-book" for
>all beginners, that will get them acquainted to Vedantic terms.
>That might hopefully give the beginner members SOME background
>to assimilate scholarly postings.
>For eg., members who post regularly might use the word
>"sAdhanachatushtayam", (certainly very simple for those who already know)
>which if the reader does not understand precisely what it means, he is
>practically barred from enjoying the posting.

Shree Subramanian

I am not writing on behalf of Ravi but I am sure he will not disagree.
Your discussion of Tatvabodha will be very much appreciated since the very
first suutra in Brahmasuutra refers to the adhikaari aspect which involves
the saadhana chatusshhTaya sampatti, and Tatva bodha is classic
intorductory book by Adi Shakara and what better place to discuss than in
the advita lists. Please do so and send a copy to advaitin list too since
there are lot of members who would like to know the definitions of each of

Hari Om!

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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