Bharuchi and his vedantic views

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Is not it inadiquate to list Bharuci on the line of ViSiSTAdvaita of
VA: Unfortunately, as I stated in the paper, there is not much information
available ablut Bharuchi. The citations available from his Dharmashastra
works have already been studied by P V Kane and therefore I did not include
them. I am not aware if Advaita Vedanta tradition accords any special status
to Bharuchi.
Can the lineage presented by 17th century be realiable?
VA: The Yatindramatadipika is indeed a very late text but Bharuchi's name
certainly occurs in the Vedarthasamgraha of Sri Ramanuja (1017-1137 CE).
Within the VaiSNava tradition there definitely were different streams of
idealogy, but this is totally unreliable when TaNka and dRAmiDa are placed
on the same line. The non-dualistic inclination of TaNka and DrAmiDa can be
well traced from SaNkara and SureSvara.
VA: Citations from Tanka and Dramida are found not only in the works of
Advaita Vedanta, but also in the Brahmasutrabhasya of Bhaskara and in
numerous works of Visistadvaita Vedanta, Kalpasutra bhashya and so on.
Scholars of various schools have tried to prove that Tanka/Dramida supported
their own respective darshanas. Needless to say, Tanka and Dramida were not
Advaitins or Visishtadvaitins in the classical sense of the word although
some of their views might have been favorable to either of the two schools
of Vedanta. I am actually midway in the preparation of similar articles on
Tanka and Dramida and hopefully these should be up in the near future. By
apealing to the authority of Tanka, Dramida and Bodhayana, Sri Ramanuja is
placing himself in the line of ancient Acharyas and trying to prove that his
views are the authentic and ancient views, not those of Advaita Vedanta.


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