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Namaste Sharon

Everytime time you mention about this silence, I am very intrigued by it.  What kind of silence are you talking about?  If that silence is a non-dual experience, then who is experiencing it?  Because an experience presupposes an experiencer or a perceiver.  And if there is a perceiver, it is no more non-dual.  It is a contradiction.  Every experience has a beginning and an end.  

Moreover, there is no need to pursue that silence.  Ishwara provides an opportunity everyday to be in it, during deep sleep.  What Advaita Vedanta is interested is not just in that silence.  It is more interested to teach you how to function in our daily affairs because I am also fuctioning in the waking world.  In fact all knowledge takes place in the waking state.  

The pursuit of silence implies non-thinking.  And that is not the goal of Advaita Vedanta.  Like I said we can't spend our lives in silence.  We have to interact with world or rather we are forced to interact.  So the solution to all these is not silence or non-thinking or the absence of the mind.  Advaita Vedanta aims to remove ignorance (wrong-thinking) thereby establishing knowledge (right thinking).  So the solution to wrong thinking is not non-thinking.  It is right thinking.  

To prove non-duality, there is no other way than something other than yourself.  How can you see your own eyes?  You have to use a mirror.  Similarly, to 'see' yourSelf, you need shastra (Vedas) as the pramana (means of knowledge) like the mirror.  Because the Athma is not an object of preception.

Since by removing ignorance we can gain knowledge, discussion (shravanam) is absolutely necessary.  Then contemplation (mananam) is prescribed by the tradition.  Then finally the realization takes place.  Therefore, a sadhaka should not think about the end before mastering the basics such as shravanam and mananam.  

I apologise if I have misintepreted your motives.  You may be realized or maybe not.  Only a Jivanmukta can understand another Jivanmukta.  Since I am not one...please forgive me.  

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Namaste -

agreed exhaust your intellectual discoveries and then go into the


But remember the final step is always through the silence when all

pre-conceived notions are dropped....

intellectual discovery can spur you on to more desire for the ultimate

goal... this is true... but it the end... not the beginning but in the end

the discussion ends for truth may only come to fruition from the depths of

your own Being which is Source Alone.... You continue the search and the

study and the puja's etc. until you have done all you can do.... you hit the

wall.... then you surrender all your so-called knowledge and go into the

silence.... not caring if you reach or don't reach... not caring if good nor

evil comes.... at that point all explodes and all that remains is Source...

or the Constant... or Self...

there is nothing wrong in the discussions... please do not mis-understand...

but the last step is the letting go of ALL of this.... that is all.....

if you are enjoying the discussions great... if they spur you onward then

great... it is All good.... no matter what you are always progressing in

some fashion back to the Self which you cannot get away from...

Try to spend as much time in Contemplation as you do in Study and

thought.... give silence as much time.... that is all......

no matter if all of the maya realms ceased in this moment that which is the

seed of your Being remains... the personality and form will end but you are

more complete in that than you ever are in form..... ( and please do not

take you as meaning a separate personality and existance--- it is not--- the

One is beyond the One beyond any division you can say more closely Emptiness

Which Contains All beyond Form in non-division - the completeness - more

concrete than form yet absoulutely the pregnant void or emptiness)

Love and Blessings


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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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