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Mon Oct 9 04:55:43 CDT 2000

Namaste -(samvidullasa)
The only bondage and freedom is in the mind alone.... enough said... these
are concepts of mind along with all the conditioned reflexs of life... along
with the false notions of who you perceive yourself to be in the limited
there is nothing spectacular in realization... All exist within the
One...The Essence is All that Is... that is why it is the great cosmic joke
so to speak... we search endlessly... agonizing... praying... doing puja
after puja.... sadhana after sadhana...and in the end you find that All that
exists is the Permanent the Real or Self.... You cannot get away from it if
you tried.... you are only blinded for some time by maya... but maya in
itself is empty in nature....
All are realized it is their "natural" Self... the rest is just
Love and Blessings
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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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