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My 2c worth:

> > the intellect can only tell you what you are not...
> > Then you must surrender all concepts... all pre-conceived notions...
> > those that you have on advaita....

In the Katha Upanishad, it is said that the Brahman is known by a "sharp
intellect", sharp as a blade of grass (agrayayA budhyA - Upanishad, kuSAgra
budhyA - Sankara Bhashya).

> > I speak from direct experience not the hearsay of books and writings...
> > scholarly knowledge affords you nothing... except more to have to let go

So did the Rishis and subsequently Sankara speak from "direct experience".
Just as someone might read your "direct experience", the list members read
Sankara with Sraddha.  For many Sankara's teachings which are based on
tradition are a "proven track", on which many have walked and attained
success.  This does not violate the existence of other systems.  But just
because, somebody has direct experience of realization does not mean that
Sankara's teachings have suddenly become obsolete.

Direct experience, cannot be communicated so easily to others.  Wise men in
the past have out of compassion coded their experience (to the best of their
abilities) in the form of scriptures and made available to us.  It is upto
us to make use of it.

At an early stage two things that help one to decide the authenticity of the
1. Tradition
2. Sraddha of the sAdhaka.

Teachings which are in line with the Tradition, have been followed by people
since many generations and people have found the Truth.  As to the second,
Sraddha comes with the Grace of God.  Why one has Sraddha on one system and
another on another is purely dependent upon the predisposition of the jIva.
So a sAdhaka, based on his karma and Grace of God, chooses a path to
salvation.  For him the teachings that he as adopted as his way are

At a later stage one has to follow the teachings and find the Truth in it.
This has been the process for aeons.  I don't see any flaw in the system at
all.  And that which helps to perpetuate the availability of spiritual
knowledge is [1] Guru who teaches [2] Scriptures which contain the Guru's

Are you suggesting that since Sankara was enlightened 1200 years ago [I am
aware of the debate on his birthdate], AtmaSatakam, suddenly becomes an
ineffectual tool to communicate his bliss-consciousness ?

I wonder why "AtmaSatakam" (just an illustration, since it my favorite work
of Sankara) has suddenly become hearsay or "mere" scripture?  To me it is a
living body of knowledge.  It still makes my hair stand on its end, when
listened in silence and solitude.  I still get inspired by that "mere"
scripture !!!

In any case, I look forward to reading a lot of your valuable contribution.

S. V. Subrahmanian.
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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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