Advaita and Christianity

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I make the following logic on this.

1. The desire for freedom and liberation is the root cause for studing and practising any religion , be it Christianity , Adwaita, Buddhism or whatever.
In fact Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi says that it is because in reality you are eternally free that this desire for freedom is there in you.

2. All discussions in philosophy and religion must have the purpose of removal of     ignorance. In fact in sanskrit we have many words for discussions, "Samvada", "Vivada", "Vitanda" etc each with its own purpose.

3. Wherever there exists a Shruthi vachana , meaning that which is heard from great seers, that is the truth.

4. Bhagavan Ramana has pointed out that in the Bible is the sentence , "Be still and    know that I am God " . He further clarified, that what is said is "know" and not    "think".

5.  He Himself says, "All that is required to realize the Self is to BE STILL".
    "What can be easier than that? Therefore Self Realization is the easiest thing to           achieve"

6. Point 5 is an emphasis of point 6 which is there in the Bible. Anyone who has read
   Bhagavan Sri Ramana's life will never dispute that whatever he taught was the    highest advaita. Therefore There is certainly some Advaitic principles in the Bible.

   In RamanaAshram , people sometimes sing the following verse,

    "Dakshinamurthy Saarambham , Shankaracharyacha Madhyamam.
     "Ramanaacharyacha Paryantham Vandhe Guru Paramparaam."

Om ,


>>My point is: if one accepts Ramana's views on the Bible, and at the same
>> time wants to dispute the claim that the Bible's teachings are in line
>> with advaita Vedanta, he's only attempting to show that 1=2.

>That's a question:  Should we accept his views on the Bible?

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