Introduction to Vedanta

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Biographies of great saints is a very good starting point. They purify
one's mind lead to God. shrii madhava-vidyAraNya's shankara dig vijaya
gives a good introduction shrii shankara's life. Besides it describes our
dharma and vedanta all along.

One way to read these texts is to do it in the prayer room or prayer
corner of one's house as part of one's daily practice. This is called
paarayanam. Depending on the time available one read say one chapter a day
(with attention) or more.  I know that some try to do it in 7 days (the
whole book) and it is called saptaaham. One can read and reread these
texts, as everytime one reads it one learns something new.  I have done a
normal parayanam of shankara dig vijaya once and I planning to do it again
as sankara jayanti approaches. I have done this few times with shrii
hemandpant's sai sat charita. This text also has a good dose of vedanta in
it and is a biography of shirdi sai baba. Every I time I read this, I feel
I am becoming pure.  Other texts like bhagavatam, devii bhagavatam,are
used by many. Personally, I find reading biographies and autobiographies
of great saints is very uplifting and purifying. The tears that veil the
eyes when one reads these books is a purifying ganga. Tibetian yogi
Milarepa says that biographies of saints are a good starting point for



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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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