Advaita and Christianity

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Charles Wikner wrote:

> There is a pertinent section of Shankara's commentary to BRhad 1.4.10
> that never fails to delight me:
>       Objection:  We do not say that there is no superimposition on
>       Brahman of attributes not belonging to It, as in the case of
>       mother-of-pearl, but that Brahman is not the cause of the
>       superimposition of these attributes on Itself, nor the author
>       of ignorance.
>       Reply:  Let it be so.  Brahman is not the author of ignorance
>       nor subject to error.  But it is not admitted that there is
>       any other conscious entity but Brahman which is the author of
>       ignorance or subject to error.
> --

 Very good. May I add a quote from Gaudapadacharya's Karika

(Mandukya Up.) here? He says "devasya esha.h svabhava.h" (the

nature of Brahman is like that) and then he say no further.

Our human brain, capable of

thinking in terms of categorization in Names and Forms, can not

know the real nature of Brahman. Possibly Adi Shankara's reply is

nearest that verbal discussion can go.

I must thank Charles to jump in the discussions at this stage.

Normally I enjoy just reading the discussions and do not take

part in them, but sometimes I shall "bother" list members with my


Warm regards,

-- Himanshu
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