Advaita and Christianity

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> In that case, I might suggest one other:
> Vempeny, Ishanand, S.J.  _Krsna and Christ._  Anand, India:  X. Diaz del
>         Rio, 1988.  Cloth, 498 pp.  ISBN: None shown.  $20.00.
> Prof. Vempenny introduces his "Dialogical Method" which operates on
> the "conviction that no religion possesses the truth totally and
> exclusively, that every religion has enough wealth to enrich other
> religions, and that every religion is worthy of love and respect."
> He states that his method is "more love-centered than
> knowledge-centered" and that it "lays more emphasis on right attitude
> than right logic."  (Quotes are from the Prologue.)

There was a Catholic priest who made similiar statements (in the context
of Buddhism, he was Shri Lankan I  believe but I forgot his name) and was
excommunicated.  So it is very interesting to hear of things like
this.  However at the moment it is just fine rhetoric.  When Christians
start putting murtis of Krshna Bhagawan in their churches then it will
mean something.  Until then it is just appropriation, a form of cultural

If Hindus do this it is nothing to be proud of either.

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