panchayatana puja

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The shaNmathas are shaiva, vaishNava, shAkta, soura,
gANApatya and koumAra. The Panchayatana pUja applies
to the daily pUja the devotee does at home. I remember
someone mentioning on the list sometime ago that
Shanmukha is used instead of sUrya in some places in
Tamilnadu. But then, the Agama mode of worship in
ancient temples had to be regulated too. So, I think
that Sri Shankara refined the prevalent ShaNmathas
(the Agamic worship included). Examples to this are
numerous, some of them being
ShringEri,Kanchi,Guruvayoor,Badrinath, and even
Shabarimalai, the abode of dharmashAsta.

Members are welcome to add/correct.


--- elmec <elmec at GIASBG01.VSNL.NET.IN> wrote:
> "Jaldhar H. Vyas" wrote:
> > In the Smarta sampradaya we have a practice that
> attempts to eliminate
> > both problems--the panchayatana puja.  We believe
> it was established by
> > Shankaracharya himself.
> >
> Here I would like to know why Shankara is called the
> "Shanmathasthaapanaachaarya " ? When he introduced
> the " Panchaayatana
> pooja "
> system, was it not sufficient to end the sqabble
> over the superiority of
> Gods
> ?
> How can one person advocate six different
> sampradaayas ? I am quite
> confused
> over the terms Panchayatana and Shanmatha. Kindly
> clarify. (Hope you
> dont
> think my confusion is absurd !)
> Regards,
> Hari Om,
> Latha Vidyaranya

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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