New member introduction: Rajiv Malhotra

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Mon Mar 27 10:27:00 CST 2000


Hari Om.

My interest in personal because I have a guru since 1994 who is very pure
advaitic. This is my sadhana.

In official terms, I run the Infinity Foundation, that sponsors grants for
various spiritual efforts, most notably have been projects involving
nonduality at Columbia University, Univ of California Santa Barbara, Univ of
Hawaii. Please visit our web site at to get more

Personally, I find madhyamika Buddhism to be similar to vedanta, and that
was in fact the theme of the course at Columbia we sponsored. The theory is
a matter of representation in linguistic terms and that's where I believe
there are multiple approximate representations that seem conflicting.


Rajiv Malhotra

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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