Can iishvara pull out a jiiva from bondage?

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Mon Mar 27 03:19:18 CST 2000

Ravisankar Mayavaram wrote:

> Even though this thread is getting very interesting, I humbly request the
> participants to come back to original question. That is on the role and
> nature of iishvara in removing avidya? And on what basis it is done?
> Please let us know what you think.
> Thanks.
> Ravi

-- As both Jeeva and Ishvara are result of Avidya, Ishvara can

atmost grace and help Jeeva to attain the clarity of intelligence

by which Jeeva will be able to take the last step -- of realizing that

itself is Brahman. The moment Jeeva has this "understanding" both Jeeva

and Ishvara vanish, as is the World which is controlled by Ishvara.

I like to refer here the story of the previous birth of Narada in

Mahatmya portion of ShrimadBhagavat. Ishvara gives the intense yearning

which leads to Jnana.

To this extent Ishvara is a Guru.

-- Himanshu
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