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Ravisankar Mayavaram wrote:

> shrii raama navami is on April 12th. Depending on which part of the globe
> the date may vary. It is often said that shrii raama is the embodiment of
> dharma. May HE guide us to the right thing we should  do.  I take this
> opportunity to invite the members to discuss devotional articles on raama.
> raama naamame naamamaayiram
> (The name raama is equivalent to 1000 names)

Thanks for starting this thread. I very much had this in mind to write. Our
Guruji at Shankarmath also told us that this is a very auspicious time to
start Raamaayana paaraayana, to do Raama japa, to write Raama naama or even
just do Raama smarana. As per his advice I have started the daily paaraayana
of the work " Adhyaatma Raamaayana " and it is truly
' out of this world ' !

I have a copy published by the Adhyaatma Prakaasha Kaaryaalaya of
Holenarasipur with original sanskrit shlokas with meaning in kannada. (
Translation by Sri Sachchidaanandendra Swamiji ) Though it is based on Valmiki
Raamaayana, the stress is more on advaitic upadeshas  than on the story of
Raama itself. The shlokas are in very simple sanskrit, very appealing. The
very starting is a question posed by godess Parvathi to Ishwara to teach her
the Raama tattwa and Ishwara gladly accepts to deliver this tattwa to

Those of you who know kannada should read this book and this is the time to

Raama Lakshmana Jaanaki  Jai bholo Hanumaanki !

Hari Om,
Latha Vidyaranya
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