Can iishvara pull out a jiiva from bondage?

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> There has been discussion regarding the mother who does not intervene

> The question then remains:  "Does Ishavara step forth to pull a jiva out
> from it's captivity in the world?"
> It would seem not, given the nature of maya.  There is never any real
> dan-
> ger in a jiva's apparent captivity in the world--since the jiva and
> Brahman
> are always one to begin with.

If that is so why there is so much emphasis on liberation in our
shaastra-s? Why not pursue this game of saMsara for ever? Any way the
duality is only a mithya!

But this is not so. From the point of view of jiiva the suffering is real.
No amount of intellectual reasoning can remove the pangs of this
Ishwarii has saguNa face, SHE has one leg inside this dual plane with
maaya as HER limitation or power.  HER other or greater half may be soaked
in the bliss of nirguNa unaware of this conflict of duality. But SHE does
have the responsibility in maintaining and taking care of the welfare of
this jagat. Purana-s tell this again and again. There are also instances
like gajendra mokSham, where the elephant king is given (krama!) mukti by

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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