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Dr.Satkari Mookerjee in his introduaction to Swami
Nityaswarupananda's  rendering and translation of the
Classic on Monistic Vedanta, "Ashtavakra Samhita"
says, "Gaudapada or Shankaracharya  did not propound a
new fangled philosophy under the influence of
Buddhistic idealistic thought,as facile scholarship
seeks to establish  nowadays. This  system of thought
, on the contrary, had its moorings in the Upanishads
and received definite articulation in older works
including  Ashtavakra Samhita.

A few of the thought provoking verses from Ashtavakra
Samhita  are:

Na twam vipradiko varno nashrami na cha gochara
Asangosi nirakaro vishva sakshi sukhi bhava.

You do not belong to the Brahmana or any other caste
or to any ashrama. You are not perceived by the
senses. Unattaached,  formless, and witness of all are
you. Be happy.

Eko Drashtasi sarvasya muktaprayosi sarvada
ayamevahi te bandho drashtaram pashyaseetaram.

You are the one seer of all and are really ever free.
Verily this alone is your bondage that you see
yourself not as the seer but as smething other.

Dehabhimana pashena chirum badhosi putraka
bodhoham gyanakhangena  tannikritya sukhi bhava.

My child, you have long been caught in the noose of
body-conciousness. Sever it with the sword of the
knowledge, ' I am Consiousness' , and be happy.

Nissango nishkriyosi twam swaprakasho niranjanah
Ayamehi te bandhaha samadhim anutishtasi.

You are unattached, actionless , self effulgent and
without any blemish. This indeed is your bondage that
you practice meditation.

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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