sharaNagati and advaita-vedanta

Ravisankar Mayavaram miinalochanii at YAHOO.COM
Thu Mar 16 07:58:28 CST 2000

I have been thinking about sharaNagati for quite sometime. I think it does
play an important role in our tradition and it is emphasized in a
different way. In our tradition, the disciple does  a puurNa sharaNagatii
to his/her guru and let the teacher guide them. Also for us, a
Self-realized master is non different from God and brahman (gurur brahma
gurur vishhNuH ...) and surrendering to him is same as surrendering to
God. Even though we do not make a big deal out this like shriivaishNava-s,
it is observed in every good guru-shishhya relationship.

Another important point is if one does a true sharaNaagati to lord, he
should/will become a sannyaasi. What is the point in maintaining a job,
and having a family etc, when one has realized that God is the only goal
and refuge. If one does not do that it is like not believing God's words
"yoga kShemam vahamyaham".

Here there is an advantage with a guru, He/She can guide the disciple who
has taken refuge in them according to their nature and residual vaasana-s.
If the disciple really does not qualify for sannyaasa also, guru can
prepare him by different ways to that step. If God has to do that, SHE has
to again come in the form of a guru.

However, shriivaishhNava-s cannot use the argument of gurur brahma ...,
because in their system, guru is different from God and guru can never
become vishhNu or parabrahman.


shrii gurubhyo namaH

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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