Can iishvara pull out a jiiva from bondage?

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Fri Mar 10 16:37:12 CST 2000

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>  can have what is called mumuxutva or desire for liberation. Note that I
> am
>  not suggesting that there is no God, rather He is not the cause of this
>  bondage.
> Anand

This immediately prompted a question. Can God pull a jiiva out of the
bondage? say by granting krama mukti. From my understanding of what was
discussed here in the past, God's role is restricted only to give karma
phala, and  krama mukti is not earned as karma phala.

But God can give a setting which is conducive to awakening of knowledge as
karma phala, which may result in liberation. Even though not directly, God
can influence it indirectly. But still the step to seek that jnaana is  in
the realm of jiiva's purushhaakara.

Is this a correct understanding of advaita-vedAnta's position?  If so,
does this not contradict with giitaa ?

(this question is not directly related to advaita-siddhi, so I have
changed the subject title).

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