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[explaining the difference between the vidvisha and vidvan sannyasis]

The two kinds of sannyasa[1] are clearly described in the

  Knowing it[3] they become Munis. desiring that world[4] they take

A muni is a person who is lost  in silent reflection[5] which is possible
only when there is no mental distractions i.e sannyasa This is further
elucidated in the rest of the text.

  This is why the sages of old did not wish for offspring.  They said "Of
  what use are progeny to us for whom this atmaloka is the supreme
  place?" renouncing desire for sons, wealth, and worlds, they took to

The words "this atmaloka" implies that the atma is something that
has been directly realized.

One may object that "Muni"is just a description of the outcome  of
becoming a vidvisha sannyasi and that rest of the text just clarifies this
further so another kind of sannyasa should not be read into it.

We reject this argument on the grounds that the goal of the vidvisha is
knowledge and knowledge and silence are not the same thing.  The knowledge
is prior to and the cause of the silence.  The text should be construed
"(after) knowing it, (then) they become Munis."

One might reply that silence is just the ultimate form of knowledge.
Agreed. That's why we differentiate betwwn the two.  The sannyasa of the
vidvisha is the means to the end achieved by the vidvan.  The vidvisha
should study etc. for attaining jnana and the vidvan must attain
manonasha[6] and vasanakshaya[7] which will be described later on.

[1] viz. Vidvisha (that of the seeker) and Vidvan (that of the knower)

[2] Brhadaranyakopanishad 4.4

[3] the unparmanence of the world

[4] atmaloka i.e. the world of the Self.

[5] literally "dissolved in silence"

[6] destruction of the mental constructs.

[7] destruction of latent desires.

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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